Ronald Syme, Sallust, University of California Press, 1964 [PA6656.S9]

This book seems to be a very inclusive secondary-source about the work and life of Sallust, chapters include: The Credulity of Sallust, Caesar and Cato, Sallust's Purpose, The Political Scene and 11 other chapters each pertaining to the work of Sallust, there is also an appendix with 2 more chapters on his style and the "False Sallust". The section I read gives good insight into the politics of Rome and how Sallust was influenced by his own political tendencies at the time. ''

P.McGushin, Bellum Catilinae, Netherlands, 1977 [PA6653A4M350]

Farrellh 16:56, April 21, 2011 (UTC)