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Discussion and comparison of several authorsEdit

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Several items in the Thucydides bibliography give attention to this relationship. See me for further advice.

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  • Sarah M. Coleman, Thucydides as a model for the writings of Sallust: Comparative studies, Union College honors thesis, 2009 online
  • This article discusses how Thucydides greatly influenced Sallust’s writing. Thucydides’ influence can be seen in basically all aspects of Sallust’s work. Sallust draws from Thucydides for the technical aspects of his writing including grammar, tone and word choice, among other things. In addition to the technical aspects, Sallust also borrows from Thucydides his style and structure. This article concludes that since Sallust borrows so much from Thucydides, most Latin historians owe their style of writing more to Thucydides rather than Sallust. Barkerk 16:47, May 3, 2011 (UTC)
  • Thomas Francis Scanlon, The Influence of Thucydides on Sallust, Heidelberg, 1980 [UAlbany PA 6656.S34 1980]