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Required booksEdit

The Medieval Latin texts and commentaries will generally be handed out in class.

Spring 2012 readingsEdit

  • "Wine, women, and song" poems from the High Middle Ages, including the Archpoet's Confession
  • Isidore of Seville on mathematics
  • Selections from the Vulgate Bible (Old and New Testaments)
  • Medieval Biblical commentaries: Glossa ordinaria and Albertus Magnus (from the Lyons 1651 editio princeps) on Luke

Essential referencesEdit

Dante's worksEdit

  • Princeton Dante Project - You should become intimately familiar with this wonderful and comprehensive resource.
    • PDP links the Dante commentaries at the Dartmouth Dante Project. If you don't read Italian, it may be useful to know which commentaries are written in languages you do know.
      • In Latin: Bambaglioli, 1324; Anonymus Lombardus, 1325?; Guido da Pisa, 1327-28?; Pietro Alighieri (three drafts from between 1340-64); Codice cassinese, 1350-75?; Chiose ambrosiane, 1355?; Benvenuto da Imola, 1375-80; Filippo Villani, 1405; Johannis de Serravalle, 1416-17
      • In English: Longfellow, Oelsner, Tozer, Ruskin, Carroll, Grandgent, Hollander, and Singleton
  • Quick and dirty repositories of Dantean texts: Great Dante, Wikisource, The Latin Library


  • Traupman's cheap and handy New College Latin and English Dictionary (Bantam, ISBN 9780553590128) will serve your basic needs as well as anything else.
  • Lewis & Short's Latin Dictionary is the only major Classical Latin dictionary of any use for Medieval Latin: via Chicago, Harvard
  • Schaffer's Reference Stacks have non-circulating copies of Niermeyer's 2 vol. dictionary (PA2890 .N54 2002) and a single-vol. version of Du Cange (PA2889 .M30 1890)
  • The most complete (though not up-to-date) Medieval Latin dictionary ever compiled is by Du Cange:
  • Diefenbach 1857
  • The eventual replacement for Du Cange is to be the Novum glossarium mediae Latinitatis, ab anno DCCC usque ad annum MCC. It currently covers from L to Plaka. We don't have a copy, but some of its fascicles can be requested from Le Moyne via Connect-NY.

The BibleEdit

The Bible is an important reference for all Medieval literature.

Medieval Latin texts onlineEdit

Some English translationsEdit

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